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About Clara Sörnäs sculptress


Photo: Ava Lemark

Clara was born in Stockholm 1966, where she started her art educations. 

She went to Pietrasanta in Italy, where she recieved the technical handcraft of stone sculpturing from local maestros.

From 1990 and several years ahead, she lived in Berlin Spain, Tanzania and Zimbabwe.

In Tanzania she created east africas first slavemonument. The slavemonument in Zanzibar consists of five life-size body sculptures in concrete, at the old slavemarket place in Stonetown. The monument was inaugurated in december 1998. She made a monument "Hope out of Sorrow" standing at the National Museum of Dar es Salaam. The monument is dedicated to the victims of the american embassy bombing in 1998.

Clara became a guest artist at Chapungu sculpture Park  in Harare, Zimbabwe . She got a lot of inspiration from the shona sculptors.

She moved back to Sweden, in 2000 and since then she has been working a lot with the purple onyxstones from Zimbabwe. She prefers to work with handtools instead of machines.


Now she lives on her favorit island Öland,and works with its beautiful limestone.

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